, Volume 118, Issue 3, pp 499-514
Date: 01 Nov 2008

Localization of anchor loci representing five hundred annotated rice genes to wheat chromosomes using PLUG markers

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PCR-based Landmark Unique Gene (PLUG) markers are EST-PCR markers developed based on the orthologous gene conservation between rice and wheat, and on the intron polymorphisms among the three orthologous genes derived from the A, B and D genomes of wheat. We designed a total of 960 primer sets from wheat ESTs that showed high similarity with 951 single-copy rice genes. When genomic DNA of Chinese Spring wheat was used as a template, 872 primer sets amplified one to five distinct products. Out of these 872 PLUG markers, 531 were assigned to one or more chromosomes by nullisomic-tetrasomic analysis. For each wheat chromosome, the number of loci detected ranged from 32 for chromosome 6A to 73 for chromosome 7D, with an average of 48 loci per chromosome. Several novel synteny perturbations were identified using deletion bin-mapping of markers. Furthermore, we demonstrated that PLUG markers can be used as probes to simultaneously identify BAC clones that contain homoeologous regions from all three genomes.

Communicated by C. Gebhardt.