, Volume 109, Issue 7, pp 1512-1518
Date: 05 Aug 2004

Genomic stability in Arabidopsis thaliana transgenic plants obtained by floral dip

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The occurrence of DNA modification is an undesired phenomenon accompanying plant cell transformation. The event has been correlated with the stress imposed by the presently utilised transformation procedures, all depending on plant differentiation from in vitro cell culture, but other causes have not been excluded. In this work, transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana plants have been produced by an approach that does not require cell dedifferentiation, being based on in planta Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer by flower infiltration, which is followed by recovery and selection of transgenic progeny. Genomic DNA changes in transgenic and control plants have been investigated by AFLP and RAMP analysis. Results show no statistically relevant genomic modifications in transgenic plants, as compared with control untreated plants. Variations were observed in callus-derived A. thaliana plants, thus supporting the conclusion that somaclonal variation is essentially correlated with the stress imposed by the in vitro cell culture, rather than with the integration of a foreign gene.

Communicated by F. Salamini