, Volume 107, Issue 5, pp 910-916

Construction of an intraspecific linkage map of lentil (Lens culinaris ssp. culinaris)

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The first intraspecific linkage map of the lentil genome was constructed with 114 molecular markers (100 RAPD, 11 ISSR and three RGA) using an F2 population developed from a cross between lentil cultivars ILL5588 and ILL7537 which differed in resistance for ascochyta blight. Linkage analysis at a LOD score of 4.0 and a maximum recombination fraction of 0.25 revealed nine linkage groups comprising between 6 and 18 markers each. The intraspecific map spanned a total length of 784.1 cM. The markers were distributed throughout the genome, however markers were clustered in the middle or near the middle of the linkage groups, suggesting the location of centromeres. Of 114 mapped markers, 16 (14.0%) were distorted, usually at the end or middle of the linkage groups. The utility of ISSR and RGA markers for mapping in lentil was explored, and the primer with an (AC) repeat motif was found to be useful.

Communicated by H.C. Becker