, Volume 105, Issue 6-7, pp 1038-1042

"Perfect" markers for the Rht-B1b and Rht-D1b dwarfing genes in wheat

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PCR-based markers were developed to detect the point mutations responsible for the two major semi-dwarfing genes Rht-B1b (Rht1) and Rht-D1b (Rht2) in wheat. These markers were validated by testing 19 wheat varieties of known Rht genotype. They included Rht-B1b and Rht-D1b dwarfs, double-mutant varieties and tall wheats. These were correctly genotyped with the Rht-B1b and Rht-D1b-specific primers, as well as markers specific for the tall alleles Rht-B1a and Rht-D1a. Using a family of doubled-haploid lines segregating for Rht-B1b and Rht-D1b, the markers were mapped to the expected homoeologous regions of chromosomes 4B and 4D, respectively. Both markers were strongly correlated with a reduction in height, accounting for 23% (Rht-B1b) and 44% (Rht-D1b) of the phenotypic variance in the population. These markers will have utility in marker-assisted selection of the Rht-B1b and Rht-D1b genes in wheat breeding programs.

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