, Volume 105, Issue 2-3, pp 258-264

Broccoli plants with pyramided cry1Ac and cry1C Bt genes control diamondback moths resistant to Cry1A and Cry1C proteins

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This study was undertaken to determine the effects of pyramiding two Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) genes in the same plant on the production of Bt proteins and the control of diamondback moths (DBM, Plutella xylostella) resistant to one or the other protein. Broccoli lines carrying both cry1Ac and cry1C Bt genes were produced by sexual crosses of cry1Ac- and cry1C-transgenic plants. Plants containing both genes were selected by tests for resistance to kanamycin and hygromycin, and confirmed by PCR analysis for the Bt genes. Both cry1Ac and cry1C mRNAs were detected in the hybrid lines, and Cry1Ac and Cry1C proteins were stably produced at levels comparable to the parental plants. Plants producing both Cry1Ac and Cry1C proteins caused rapid and complete mortality of DBM larvae resistant to Cry1A or Cry1C, and suffered little or no leaf damage. These plants, in combination with the resistant DBM populations available, will allow greenhouse or field studies of resistance management strategies involving gene pyramiding.

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