, Volume 104, Issue 6-7, pp 1086-1091

Analysis of the duplicated CHS1 gene related to the suppression of the seed coat pigmentation in yellow soybeans

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Seed coat color in soybean is controlled by the classically defined I (Inhibitor) locus. The seeds of most commercial soybean varieties are yellow due to the presence of a dominant allele of the I locus (I: yellow seed coat, or i i : pigmented hilum and yellow seed coat), which inhibits seed coat pigmentation. Analysis of spontaneous mutations from I (yellow seed coat) to i (pigmented seed coat) has shown that these mutations are correlated with the deletion of a duplicated chalcone synthase gene-1 (CHS1) region. In the current study, we isolated the duplicated CHS1 region from a soybean cultivar with a I/I genotype (cv Miyagi shirome) and determined its structure. The results showed that the duplicated CHS1 contained intact regulatory and coding regions. We designated the duplicated CHS1 as ICHS1. In the hypocotyls of Miyagi shirome, the cDNA derived from ICHS1 mRNA was identified by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) analysis, whereas in the immature seed coats it was suggested that the amount of transcripts from ICHS1 and/or another type of CHS1 (CHS1.1) was very low. Interestingly, in the Miyagi shirome genome with a I/I genotype, ICHS1 was closely linked to the truncated CHS3, and sequence comparison showed that this cluster probably arose from the CHS1–CHS3 cluster by a 1.8-kb deletion event.

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