, Volume 99, Issue 9, pp 675-676
Date: 05 Aug 2012

Introducing the Arnold Berliner Award

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Arnold Berliner was the founding editor of Naturwissenschaften (NAWI). In 1912, he proposed to Ferdinand Springer, owner of the Springer Publishing Company, the founding of the journal, which he led and developed over the following 22 years. In his first editorial published in 1913, Berliner stated that NAWI should ‘inform all those working in scientific fields, either researchers or teachers, about what interested them outside their own fields’ (translated from German; Naturwissenschaften 1(1):1; published 3 January 1913; Autrum 1988) (Fig. 1).Fig. 1

Arnold Berliner, 1862–1942. Founding editor of Naturwissenschaften and Editor-in-Chief from 1913–1935. Photograph of painting by Eugen Spiro (1932)

Berliner's vision to fill a gap in the communication of science, in particular the need for synthesising knowledge from all the branches of science, and to translate this knowledge to lay audience was well ahead of most journals of his time. During the Weimar Republic, NAWI gained acceptance acr ...