, Volume 79, Issue 8, pp 419-427
Date: 22 Mar 2014

CD3+CD4CD8 αβ-TCR+ T cell as immune regulatory cell

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Down-regulation of immune responses by regulatory T cells is one of the major mechanisms involved in the induction of tolerance to self- and alloantigens as demonstrated in a number of models of transplantation and autoimmunity. It is clear that regulatory T cells consist of different subsets. Recently a novel subset of antigen-specific αβ-TCR+ CD4CD8 (double negative, DN) regulatory T cells has been found to be able to inhibit the function of the CD8+ T cells carrying the same T cell receptor specificity and prevent the rejection of skin allografts. Identification of the DN regulatory T cells and their novel mechanism of suppression can help us to understand how donor-specific transplantation tolerance can be achieved and to explain how tolerance to self-antigens can be maintained in the periphery.

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