, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 255-259
Date: 20 Oct 2010

Bilateral Vertebral Artery Dissection After Chiropractic Maneuver

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There is an established epidemiologic association between chiropractic maneuvers and cervical artery dissection [1, 2]. In spite of clinical evidence, however, proof that spinal manipulative therapy can be the actual cause for dissection is still a matter of debate. It has been argued that chiropractic maneuvers are performed for neck pain that may have been caused by preexisting dissection of a cervical artery, and hence the manipulation may coincide with, rather than cause, the vessel lesion [35].

Here, we present the case of a young woman with posterior circulation strokes due to magnetic resonance imaging-(MRI-)proven bilateral vertebral artery dissection. Clinical evidence strongly supports the notion that the dissection occurred during the maneuver, since an MRI scan prior to the manipulation showed a protruded intervertebral disk, and intact cervical vessels.

Case Report

A 33-year-old mother in good previous health was treated with nonopioid analgesics and physiotherap

Both authors (C. Preul, F. Joachimski) contributed equally to the study.