, Volume 55, Issue 2, pp 144-146
Date: 12 Feb 2008

Argentine ant infestation affects the abundance of the native myrmecophagic jumping spider Siler cupreus Simon in Japan

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The effect of an Argentine ant invasion on the abundance of the myrmecophagic jumping spider Siler cupreus Simon was investigated in the Hiroshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan. The frequency and density of S. cupreus were significantly higher in sites infested with Argentine ants than in ant-free sites. S. cupreus actually preyed on the adult ants and the brood. The dominance of Argentine ants possibly provides an abundant food source for S. cupreus, thus causing an increase in the number of spiders.

Received 16 May 2007; revised 27 December 2007; accepted 15 January 2008.