, Volume 29, Issue 2, pp 295-309
Date: 29 Dec 2009

All-Grounded Passive Elements Voltage-Mode DVCC-Based Universal Filters

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In this paper two new voltage-mode (VM) universal filters employing three plus-type differential voltage current conveyors (DVCC+s) and grounded passive elements are presented. The first proposed filter is a single-input five-output (SIFO) circuit which can realize simultaneously all of the standard responses, i.e. low-pass (LP), band-pass (BP), high-pass (HP), all-pass (AP) and notch (NH) from the same configuration. The second proposed circuit is a three-input single-output (TISO) universal filter for realizing standard responses depending on the selection of the input signal from the same topology. Both of the proposed filters have the advantage of a high input impedance, which enables easy cascading to obtain higher order filters. The proposed filters are simulated using the SPICE program to verify the theoretical analysis.