, Volume 170, Issue 4, pp 723-724,
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Date: 03 Nov 2012

Book Review

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This book is really a review of earthquake research in Iceland, to which the author has greatly contributed during his over 40 year long scientific career, focusing on the issue of earthquake prediction in the specific seismic region called the South Iceland Seismic Zone (SISZ), located in the South Iceland lowland (SIL). Successful earthquake prediction may be considered a result of intelligent reasoning based on various observations, such as long term earthquake statistics, tectonic features of the given area, foreshocks, ground water, strain and stress, seismic wave velocity anomalies, radon anomalies, fluid intrusions and many other factors. This reasoning is true worldwide but the different factors may be of different importance in different seismic regions of the world. In this sense, Iceland is a unique place—as there is hardly another divergent plate boundary in the world that is available for conducing similar earthquake research. Most divergent plate boundaries are under deep ...