, Volume 68, Issue 24, pp 3983-3993
Date: 17 Jul 2011

Membrane shaping by the Bin/amphiphysin/Rvs (BAR) domain protein superfamily

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BAR domain superfamily proteins have emerged as central regulators of dynamic membrane remodeling, thereby playing important roles in a wide variety of cellular processes, such as organelle biogenesis, cell division, cell migration, secretion, and endocytosis. Here, we review the mechanistic and structural basis for the membrane curvature-sensing and deforming properties of BAR domain superfamily proteins. Moreover, we summarize the present state of knowledge with respect to their regulation by autoinhibitory mechanisms or posttranslational modifications, and their interactions with other proteins, in particular with GTPases, and with membrane lipids. We postulate that BAR superfamily proteins act as membrane-deforming scaffolds that spatiotemporally orchestrate membrane remodeling.