, Volume 64, Issue 2, pp 131-138
Date: 10 Jan 2007

Telomeres and meiosis in health and disease

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Beyond their role in replication and chromosome end capping, telomeres are also thought to function in meiotic chromosome pairing, meiotic and mitotic chromosome segregation as well as in nuclear organization. Observations in both somatic and meiotic cells suggest that the positioning of telomeres within the nucleus is highly specific and believed to be dependent mainly on telomere interactions with the nuclear envelope either directly or through chromatin interacting proteins. Although little is known about the mechanism of telomere clustering, some studies show that it is an active process. Recent data have suggested a regulatory role for telomere chromatin structure in telomere movement. This review will summarize recent studies on telomere interactions with the nuclear matrix, telomere chromatin structure and factors that modify telomere chromatin structure as related to regulation of telomere movement.