, Volume 62, Issue 7-8, pp 791-799

Mechanisms underlying celiac disease and its neurologic manifestations

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The extra-intestinal manifestations of celiac disease (CD), including ataxia and peripheral neuropathy, are increasingly being recognized as the presenting symptoms of this autoimmune disease. Although there is a greater understanding of the pathogenesis of the intestinal lesions in CD the mechanisms behind the neurologic manifestations of CD have not been elucidated. In this article, the authors review the cellular and molecular mechanisms behind the histopathologic changes in the intestine, discuss the presentation and characteristics of neurologic manifestations of CD, review the data on the mechanisms behind these manifestations, and discuss the diagnosis and treatment of CD. Molecular mimicry and intermolecular help may play a role in the development of neurologic complications.

Received 11 March 2004; received after revision 29 October 2004; accepted 12 November 2004