, Volume 57, Issue 6, pp 266-271
Date: 04 Jun 2008

Cytokine profile in collagen-induced arthritis: Differences between syngeneic and allogeneic pregnancy

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To identify the differences in cytokine profile between allogeneic and syngeneic pregnancy in mice with collagen-induced arthritis (CIA).


Mice (strain B10.RIII) were injected with bovine collagen. Females were mated with males of the same strain (syngeneic pregnancy) or with males of strain B10. Q (allogeneic pregnancy). Concentrations of cytokines were measured during pregnancy and after delivery, and the onset and evolution of arthritis was followed in all female animals throughout the study period.


In female mice that developed CIA, cytokine concentrations were lower in allogeneic pregnancies than syngeneic pregnancies. When paired cytokine concentrations were compared in each animal during and after pregnancy, MCP-1 was lower during gestation than after delivery in both groups of pregnant mice, IL-6 was lower during gestation than after delivery only in allogeneic pregnancies, and IL-10 was lower during gestation than after delivery in allogeneic pregnancies, whereas in syngeneic pregnancies IL-10 was higher during gestation than after delivery.


Allogeneic pregnancy was associated with less arthritis because of lower concentrations of proinflammatory cytokines (IL-6 and others), not because of an increase in the concentration of antiinflammatory cytokines (IL-10).

Received 21 October 2007; returned for revision 12 November 2007; received from final revision 5 December 2007; accepted by J. Di Battista 13 December 2007