, Volume 57, Issue 1, pp 1-3
Date: 17 Jan 2008

Inflammation-induced enhancement of IgG immunoreactivity

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Natural polyreactive IgG antibodies are found in the sera of all healthy individuals. The in vitro exposure of pooled human IgG to protein-destabilizing chemical or physical factors has been previously shown to result in the exposure of their “hidden” polyspecificity. We hypothesize that such an enhancement of their pre-existing immunoreactivity may occur in vivo in the aggressive microenvironment of inflammation sites. An increase in the antigen binding intensity as well as of the number of recognized antigens was observed in the sera of IgG-infused immunodeficient SCID mice with induced local inflammation. The expansion of the IgG pathogen-binding repertoire may have important biological consequences.

N. M. Mihaylova, J. D. Dimitrov: Both authors contributed equally to the work
Received 28 December 2006; returned for revision 4 July 2007; accepted by M. Parnham 4 August 2007