, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 154-159
Date: 27 Mar 2009

New approaches to female fertility preservation

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Survival rates have been improved in young cancer patients due to advances in oncologic treatments. It is necessary to focus on the consequences of cancer treatments and try to elude or at least prevent them. Menopause and infertility are two of the main causes for concern to those patients who survive cancer. When a solution is offered to these patients, their quality of life and self-esteem can be dramatically increased after therapy. Results observed in vitrified oocytes are similar to those achieved with fresh oocytes, giving this method great potential. Recommendations on fertility preservation should be focused on the oocyte vitrification method, which should be considered as the first option. Limitations of this approach are the need for ovarian stimulation, which means a 2–3 week period prior to chemotherapy and the possibility of high oestradiol levels when tumours are hormone dependent.