, Volume 68, Issue 2, pp 134-140

Specific Detection of Tomato Pathotype of Verticillium dahliae by PCR Assays

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Verticillium dahliae

Klebahn is the causal agent of tomato wilt disease. Isolates of V. dahliae can be classified based on pathogenicity to tomato, but the pathotypes are indistinguishable in morphology. We designed PCR primers for specific detection of isolates pathogenic to tomato (tomato pathotype) from the sequences of a pathotype-specific gene, vdt1. With the primer pair Tg5/Tc3, a PCR product (approximately 3.2 kb) specific to tomato pathotype was amplified from the genomic DNA of isolates. Using the primer pair, a tomato pathotype isolate was specifically detected from hypocotyls of inoculated tomato and eggplant. On the other hand, no amplification was observed from non-tomato pathotype isolates of V. dahliae, some other wilt pathogens of tomato and a healthy host plant. Therefore, the primer pair can be useful for pathotype-specific detection of V. dahliae as well as for diagnosis of wilt disease of tomato plant.

Received 7 September 2001/ Accepted in revised form 3 December 2001