, Volume 264, Issue 1, pp 13-19

Treatment of fallopian tube cancer

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Objective: To contribute toward the understanding of the therapeutic management of fallopian tube cancer. Methods: Recent studies related to the treatment of fallopian tube cancer were reviewed. Results: Current evidence indicates that even patients in early stages have nodal disease, and often experience relapses in distant sites. In advanced stages, survival prolongation by the use of platinum-based chemotherapy has been demonstrated. Aggressive cytoreductive surgery followed by chemotherapy and negative second-look laparotomy offer the possibility of long-term survival. However, a significant fraction of patients eventually relapses after negative second-look laparotomy, and a poor survival rate after positive second-look laparotomy has been observed. Conclusions: This series suggests the need for thorough evaluation of lymph nodes at the time of surgery. The use of platinum-based chemotherapy is probably the best adjuvant therapy for both early stages and advanced stages. The clinical value of second-look laparotomy will remain limited until effective salvage therapy is developed. The potential benefits of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and the use of paclitaxel will be increasingly important.

Received: August 1999 / Accepted: 23 December 1999