, 2012:131
Date: 22 Nov 2012

Fixed-Functionals of three-dimensional Quantum Einstein Gravity

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We study the non-perturbative renormalization group flow of f (R)-gravity in three-dimensional Asymptotically Safe Quantum Einstein Gravity. Within the conformally reduced approximation, we derive an exact partial differential equation governing the RG-scale dependence of the function f (R). This equation is shown to possess two isolated and one continuous one-parameter family of scale-independent, regular solutions which constitute the natural generalization of RG fixed points to the realm of infinite-dimensional theory spaces. All solutions are bounded from below and give rise to positive definite kinetic terms. Moreover, they admit either one or two UV-relevant deformations, indicating that the corresponding UV-critical hypersurfaces remain finite dimensional despite the inclusion of an infinite number of coupling constants. The impact of our findings on the gravitational Asymptotic Safety program and its connection to new massive gravity is briefly discussed.