, 2012:35
Date: 08 Nov 2012

Two- and three-point functions in two-dimensional Landau-gauge Yang-Mills theory: continuum results

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We investigate the Dyson-Schwinger equations for the gluon and ghost propagators and the ghost-gluon vertex of Landau-gauge gluodynamics in two dimensions. While this simplifies some aspects of the calculations as compared to three and four dimensions, new complications arise due to a mixing of different momentum regimes. As a result, the solutions for the propagators are more sensitive to changes in the three-point functions and the ansätze used for them at the leading order in a vertex expansion. Here, we therefore go beyond this common truncation by including the ghost-gluon vertex self-consistently for the first time, while using a model for the three-gluon vertex which reproduces the known infrared asymptotics and the zeros at intermediate momenta as observed on the lattice. A separate computation of the three-gluon vertex from the results is used to confirm the stability of this behavior a posteriori. We also present further arguments for the absence of the decoupling solution in two dimensions. Finally, we show how in general the infrared exponent κ of the scaling solutions in two, three and four dimensions can be changed by allowing an angle dependence and thus an essential singularity of the ghost-gluon vertex in the infrared.

ArXiv ePrint: 1207.0222