, 2010:28

Vorticesin(2+1)d conformal fluids

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We study isolated, stationary, axially symmetric vortex solutions in (2+ 1)-dimensional viscous conformal fluids. The equations describing them can be brought to the form of three coupled first order ODEs for the radial and rotational velocities and the temperature. They have a rich space of solutions characterized by the radial energy and angular momentum fluxes. We do a detailed study of the phases in the one-parameter family of solutions with no energy flux. This parameter is the product of the asymptotic vorticity and temperature. When it is large, the radial fluid velocity reaches the speed of light at a finite inner radius. When it is below a critical value, the velocity is everywhere bounded, but at the origin there is a discontinuity. We comment on turbulence, potential gravity duals, non-viscous limits and non-relativistic limits.

ArXiv ePrint: 1007.4452