, 2012:45
Date: 13 Sep 2012

The baryonic phase in holographic descriptions of the QCD phase diagram

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We study holographic models of the QCD temperature-chemical potential phase diagram based on the D3/D7 system with chiral symmetry breaking. The baryonic phase may be included through linked D5-D7 systems. In a previous analysis of a model with a running gauge coupling a baryonic phase was shown to exist to arbitrarily large chemical potential. Here we explore this phase in a more generic phenomenological setting with a step function dilaton profile. The change in dilaton generates a linear confining qq potential and opposes the screening effect of temperature. We show that the persistence of the baryonic phase depends on the step size and that QCD-like phase diagrams can be described. The baryonic phase’s existence is qualitatively linked to the existence of confinement in Wilson loop computations in the background.

ArXiv ePrint: 1204.5640