, 2011:146

Maximal supergravity in D = 10: forms, Borcherds algebras and superspace cohomology

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We give a very simple derivation of the forms of N = 2, D = 10 supergravity theories from supersymmetry and \( {\text{SL}}\left( {2,\mathbb{R}} \right) \) (for IIB). Using superspace cohomology we show that, if the Bianchi identities for the physical fields are satisfied, the (consistent) Bianchi identities for all of the higher-rank forms must be identically satisfied, and that there are no possible gauge-trivial Bianchi identities (i.e. dF = 0) except for exact eleven-forms. We also show that the degrees of the forms can be extended beyond the spacetime limit, and that the representations they fall into agree with those predicted from Borcherds algebras. In IIA there are even-rank RR forms, including a non-zero twelve-form, while in IIB there are non-trivial Bianchi identities for thirteen-forms even though these forms are identically zero in supergravity. It is speculated that these higher-rank forms could be non-zero when higher-order string corrections are included.

ArXiv ePrint: 1103.5053