, 2010:41,
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Date: 09 Aug 2010

Nonlinear hydrodynamics from flow of retarded Green’s function


We study the radial flow of retarded Green’s function of energy-momentum tensor and R-current of dual gauge theory in presence of generic higher derivative terms in bulk Lagrangian. These are first order non-linear Riccati equations. We solve these flow equations analytically and obtain second order transport coefficients of boundary plasma. This way of computing transport coefficients has an advantage over usual Kubo approach. The non-linear equation turns out to be a linear first order equation when we study the Green’s function perturbatively in momentum. We consider several examples including Weyl 4 term and generic four derivative terms in bulk. We also study the flow equations for R-charged black holes and obtain exact expressions for second order transport coefficients for dual plasma in presence of arbitrary chemical potentials. Finally we obtain higher derivative corrections to second order transport coefficients of boundary theory dual to five dimensional gauge supergravity.