, 2012:158
Date: 27 Jun 2012

T-folds, doubled geometry, and the SU(2) WZW model

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The SU(2) WZW model at large level N can be interpreted semiclassically as string theory on S 3 with N units of Neveu-Schwarz H-flux. While globally geometric, the model nevertheless exhibits an interesting doubled geometry possessing features in common with nongeometric string theory compactifications, for example, nonzero Q-flux. Therefore, it can serve as a fertile testing ground through which to improve our understanding of more exotic compactifications, in a context in which we have a firm understanding of the background from standard techniques. Three frameworks have been used to systematize the study of nongeometric backgrounds: the T-fold construction, Hitchin’s generalized geometry, and fully doubled geometry. All of these double the standard description in some way, in order to geometrize the combined metric and Neveu Schwarz B-field data. We present the T-fold and fully doubled descriptions of WZW models, first for SU(2) and then for general group. Applying the formalism of Hull and Reid-Edwards, we indeed recover the physical metric and H-flux of the WZW model from the doubled description. As additional checks, we reproduce the abelian T-duality group and known semiclassical spectrum of D-branes.

ArXiv ePrint: 1106.6291