Holographic no-boundary measure

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DOI: 10.1007/JHEP05(2012)095

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Hertog, T. & Hartle, J. J. High Energ. Phys. (2012) 2012: 95. doi:10.1007/JHEP05(2012)095


We show that the complex saddle points of the no-boundary wave function with a positive cosmological constant and a positive scalar potential have a representation in which the geometry consists of a regular Euclidean AdS domain wall that makes a smooth transition to a Lorentzian, inflationary universe that is asymptotically de Sitter. The transition region between AdS and dS regulates the volume divergences of the AdS action and accounts for the phases that explain the classical behavior of the final configuration. This leads to a dual formulation in which the semiclassical no-boundary measure is given in terms of the partition function of field theories on the final boundary that are certain relevant deformations of the CFTs that occur in AdS/CFT. We conjecture that the resulting dS/CFT duality holds also beyond the leading order approximation.


Gauge-gravity correspondence AdS-CFT Correspondence Models of Quantum Gravity 
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  1. 1.APC, UMR 7164ParisFrance
  2. 2.Institute for Theoretical PhysicsUniversity of LeuvenLeuvenBelgium
  3. 3.Department of PhysicsUniversity of CaliforniaSanta BarbaraU.S.A.