, 2011:81
Date: 17 May 2011

Anomalous transport coefficients from Kubo formulas in Holography

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In the presence of dense matter quantum anomalies give rise to two new transport phenomena. An anomalous current is generated either by an external magnetic field or through vortices in the fluid carrying the anomalous charge. The associated transport coefficients are the anomalous magnetic and vortical conductivities. Whereas a Kubo formula for the anomalous magnetic conductivity is well known we develop a new Kubo type formula that allows the calculation of the vortical conductivity through a two point function of the anomalous current and the energy current. We also point out that the anomalous vortical conductivity can be understood as a response to a gravitomagnetic field. We apply these Kubo formulas to a simple holographic system, the R-charged black hole.

ArXiv ePrint: 1102.4577