, 2013:189
Date: 31 Jan 2013

Lifshitz-like solutions with hyperscaling violation in ungauged supergravity

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In this note we describe several procedures to construct, from known black-hole and black-brane solutions of any ungauged supergravity theory, non-trivial gravitational solutions whose “near-horizon” and “near-singularity” limits are Lifshitz-like spacetimes with dynamical critical exponent z, “hyperscaling violation” exponent θ and Lifshitz radius that depends on the physical parameters of the original black-hole solution. Since the new Lifshitz-like solutions can be constructed from any black-hole solution of any ungauged supergravity, many of them can be easily embedded in String Theory. Some of the procedures produce supersymmetric Lifshitz-like solutions.

ArXiv ePrint: 1209.4047