, Volume 37, Issue 7, pp 46–52

Pressure Hydrogen Stripping in Solvent Extraction

  • G. P. Demopoulos
  • P. A. Distin
Process & Extractive Metallurgy Overview

DOI: 10.1007/BF03259696

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Demopoulos, G.P. & Distin, P.A. JOM (1985) 37: 46. doi:10.1007/BF03259696


This paper reviews pressure hydrogen stripping as applied on a laboratory scale to commercial solvent extraction reagents developed for the metals extraction industry. The chemistry of hydrogen stripping reactions is briefly described, and degree of stability under hydrogen stripping conditions is discussed for the various extractants studied.

Important details of those systems that showed promise under laboratory conditions are presented. Some characteristics of hydrogen stripping kinetics, and properties of the metal powders produced are also described. Finally, potential applications of hydrogen stripping are discussed.

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  • G. P. Demopoulos
  • P. A. Distin

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