, Volume 23, Issue 3, pp 159-164
Date: 23 Aug 2012

45th Annual Meeting of the Drug Information Association

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This year’s annual meeting of the Drug Information Association (DIA) was heralded as the most important in the Association’s 45-year history by DIA President Dr Marie Dray. No longer able to simple maintain the status quo, the global economic difficulties now force us to re-evaluate the way that we develop drugs and re-prioritize what we do and how we do it. Indeed, change may be the only certainty in 2009, according to Dr Dray.

The 2009 event was unusual in that it was the first DIA annual meeting in many years to be given a theme. That theme was ‘Better Medicines: Improving Safety with Every Step’ and many of the sessions echoed the sentiment of the Programme Chairperson Dr Nancy Smith, the former Director of the Office of Training and Communications at the US Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), when she described safety as being ‘integral to everything we do’ and, moreover, becoming the most important aspect of drug development and regulatory oversight. It also became cle