, Volume 31, Issue 1, pp 53-63

Molecular evidence for the hybridity ofIlex × wandoensis and the phylogenetic study of KoreanIlex based on ITS sequence data


In this study, internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions within the nuclear ribosomal DNA of KoreanIlex were analyzed in order to investigate any molecular evidence thatI. × wandoensis could serve as a putative hybrid betweenI. cornuta andI. integra. We also sought to clearly identify taxonomic relationships and problems caused by consecutive external morphological characters among taxa in the genus. We sequenced 20 clones fromI. × wandoensis and found these individuals displayed intra-genomic polymorphisms within ITS regions. The analysis of the clones clearly demonstrated the presence of discrete sequences from bothI. cornuta andI. integra, thereby confirmingI. × wandoensis is a species that was formed by crossingI. cornuta andI. integra. Lastly, the subgenusIlex, which contains the evergreen species, failed to form a monophyletic group in a strict consensus tree that was prepared based upon ITS regions.I. crenata var.microphylla in the subgenus KoreaIlex, which has presented taxonomic problems previously, formed an independent clade within the consensus tree, thereby showing distinction fromI. crenata.) Genetic discontinuity ofI. macropoda andI. Macropoda for.pseudo-macropoda individuals couldn't be confirmed.