, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 403-417

General union attitude: A construct validation

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Attitude toward labor unions has become an important variable in many areas of industrial relations research. Unfortunately, measures of general union attitude abound, making it difficult to compare results, and there has been little attempt to examine their construct validity. The present study tested the construct validity of the two most popular scales as well as an instrument developed by the author. The results indicate that the author’s General Union A ttitude scale and Getman et al. ’s (1976) Union Attitude Index are good measures of attitude toward labor unions. Although a popular measure, Uphoff and Dunnette’s (1956) Unionism in General scale was less satisfactory because of its lack of unidimensionality. Some items in the scale represented the power of unions rather than their value.

The author is grateful to Sandra Lloyd who diligently searched the literature on union attitudes and to Bert Jeski for assisting in the data collection. An earlier version of this paper was presented at the 1985 annual meeting of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada.