, Volume 18, Issue 2, pp 125-150

Upper Jurassic (Oxfordian) Smackover carbonate petroleum system characterization and modeling, Mississippi Interior Salt Basin area, northeastern Gulf of Mexico, USA

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The Upper Jurassic (Oxfordian) Smackover Formation is a prolific oil and gas reservoir in the northern Gulf of Mexico, including the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin area. The Smackover petroleum system is categorized as a giant petroleum system and ranks fourth among recognized Upper Jurassic petroleum systems. In the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin area, the components of the Smackover petroleum system include pre rift, syn rift and post rift siliciclastic, evaporite, and carbonate underburden and overburden rocks, Smackover subtidal lime mudstone source rocks, uppermost Smackover anhydrite and Buckner Anhydrite Member subaqueous saltern and sabkha seal rocks, and upper Smackover shoal complex and tidal flat complex packstone, grainstone, boundstone and dolostone reservoir rocks. The critical events include the initiation of the generation of crude oil, the commencement of hydrocarbon expulsion, the initiation of hydrocarbon migration, and the entrapment of hydrocarbons during the Early to Late Cretaceous. The critical moment for the Smackover petroleum system is the time of peak hydrocarbon expulsion in the mid to late Early Cretaceous in basin center areas and mid to latest late Cretaceous in areas along the northern basin margin. *** DIRECT SUPPORT *** A00QA034 00003