, Volume 22, Issue 2, pp 77-79

The effects of breast self-exam education on the performance of nursing and midwifery students: A 6-month follow-up study

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Background. Late detection of breast cancer is still a leading cause of morbidity among patients. We aimed to evaluate the efficacy of preplanned breast self-examination (BSE) training on nursing and midwifery students.Methods. A total of 74 first-year nursing and midwifery students were trained on BSE. Data were collected before and after BSE education by a modified questionnaire.Results. The BSE accuracy of the students was increased after education. Furthermore, positive attitude and behavior of the students toward BSE were improved. The students started to practice BSE with the right techniques and positions at the right time. The main reasons not to perform BSE were the lack of knowledge and motivation prior the education.Conclusions. BSE training is effective in nursing and midwifery students but should be repeated periodically for better efficacy.