, Volume 22, Issue 2 Supplement, pp S61-S69

The International Cancer Information Service: A worldwide resource

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The need for accurate and relevant cancer information continues to grow worldwide. While healthcare professionals are the preferred source of cancer information, their time is limited, and patients are often not sure what to ask and their questions do not always come to mind in the physician’s office. In its 30-year history, the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI’s) Cancer Information Service (CIS) has shown that it can increase users’ confidence in their ability to seek more information, understand the causes and risk factors for cancer, and participate in decisions about their treatment. In 1996 the International Cancer Information Service Group (ICISG) was formed to facilitate the development of CIS programs throughout the world. A network of nearly 50 cancer organizations from 30 countries, the ICISG strives to provide its member organizations with standards and resources to ensure that the cancer information is of high quality, credible, and up-to-date and that it is delivered in a personal manner that complements and supports the patient/physician relationship. The ICISG offers worldwide resources that can augment the healthcare professionals’ offering of information and support to cancer patients and their families.