European Journal of Psychology of Education

, 6:355

Towards a model for the determinants of occupational stress among schoolteachers

  • Mark G. Borg
  • Richard J. Riding

DOI: 10.1007/BF03172771

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Borg, M.G. & Riding, R.J. Eur J Psychol Educ (1991) 6: 355. doi:10.1007/BF03172771


The determinants of stress in teaching were investigated in a context which allowed many of the characteristics of an educational system to be incorporated in the design. Using a specially developed self-report instrument, 545 secondary schoolteachers in Malta reported the perceived levels of stressfulness of 35 items covering various aspects of the teacher’s work environment. One-third of the respondents rated being a teacher as either very stressful or extremely stressful. A principal components analysis of the data on the 35 sources of stress yielded a four-factor structure described in terms of ‘pupil misbehaviour’, ‘poor working conditions’, ‘poor staff relations’ and ‘time pressures’. Repeated measures ANOVA of the factor scores revealed a number of significant two-way and three-way interactions involving the demographic variables of sex, age, type of teaching post, type of school selectivity, type of single-sex school, size of school, and type of curriculum subject/s taught.

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Occupational stressSchoolteachersStress factors

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  • Mark G. Borg
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  • Richard J. Riding
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  1. 1.Assessment Research Unit, School of EducationUniversity of BirminghamBirminghamUK