, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp 145-149

Clinical evaluation of irreversible data compression for computed radiography in excretory urography


Efficient data compression is required for practical daily use of digital images in computed radiography (CR). This study investigated the clinical utility of data compression in excretory urography using the FCR 9000 system (Fuji Photo Film, Tokyo, Japan). Type III data compression technique was used, which can achieve a 20∶1 to 25∶1 compression ratio. To evaluate the degradation of image quality, we compared paired original and compressed CR images. Although a slight deterioration of image quality was noted in the renal calyx including collecting tubules among various anatomical structures, the difference was not significant. Receiver operating characteristics analysis revealed no significant difference among the original and compressed images. We conclude that compressed CR images using Type III data compression technique in excretory urography appear to be clinically applicable and acceptable.