, Volume 28, Issue 3-4, pp 355-364

EPR studies on the di-nitrogen centers with nonequivalent atoms in a reddish-brown plastically deformed diamond

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Two new di-nitrogen centers, which were labeled M2 and M3, were found together with known W7 and N4 centers in an unusual reddish-brown natural diamond. The following magnetic hyperfine interaction parameters (expressed in MHz) were determined for the two nitrogen atoms:A 1 (1) =117.95(5),A 1 (2) =A 1 (3) =84.48(5),A 2 (1) =7.1(1),A 2 (2) =A 2 (3) =6.6(1) for M2 andA 1 (1) =121.55(5),A 1 (2) =A 1 (3) =85.90(5),A 2 (1) =6.0(1),A 2 (2) =5.4(1),A 2 (3) =5.1(1) for M3. Hyperfine interaction tensors for the nitrogen atom N1 with a larger interaction have axial symmetry about the <111> direction, but those for the other nitrogen atom, N2, appear to be small, almost isotropic. Probable models of the M2 and M3 centers are suggested and discussed.