Applied Magnetic Resonance

, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 261–264

An empirical criterion for estimatingT1 error

  • Xi-an Mao

DOI: 10.1007/BF03162501

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Mao, X. Appl. Magn. Reson. (1993) 4: 261. doi:10.1007/BF03162501


More than 200 inversion-recovery experiments on17O in D2O have been performed in order to make a correlation between the error inT1 and the standard deviation in data fitting. The statistical results ofT1 show that the error limit is about 6 times as big as the standard deviation. This can be proposed as an empirical rule for estimating the precision inT1 measurements.

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  • Xi-an Mao
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  1. 1.Wuhan Institute of PhysicsThe Chinese Academy of SciencesWuhanPeople’s Republic of China