, Volume 17, Issue 2-3, pp 211-225

Field cycling by fast NMR probe transfer: Design and application in field-dependent CIDNP experiments

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A novel field-cycling unit with fast digital positioning of a high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance probe in a spatially varying magnetic field is described and used to measure CIDNP spectra of the amino acid-dye (histidine-bipyridyl) photoreaction system in the range between 0 and 7 T. The pattern of nuclear polarization varies with the magnetic field. In particular, strong polarization with an emission/absorption pattern (multiplet effect) is found at low field for two histidine ringprotons with scalar coupling below 3 Hz visible only because of the high resolution made possible by the new field-cycling setup. Also for the CH2 protons in the β-position a multiplet effect is observed having a pattern changing with magnetic field. By analysis of the spin nutation the non-Boltzmann population differences of the nuclear levels have been determined.