, Volume 93, Issue 2 Supplement, pp 31-34

Prävalenz der vertebralen Wirbelkörperdeformationen bei Frauen und Männern in Deutschland

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Background: The prevalence of radiographically defined vertebral deformities, as a marker of vertebral osteoporosis, was calculated in a population based cross-sectional survey in Germany.

Method: Lateral spine X-rays were taken according to a standardized protocol and evaluated centrally. Three thousand nine hundred and eighty subjects (2064 male and 1916 female) aged 50 to 79 years, have been examined in 8 German centers.

Results: Based on McCloskey’s method of deformity definition the age-standardized mean prevalence of vertebral deformities in Germany was 10.2% for males and 10.5% for females. Based on the definition by Melton/Eastell as significant higher prevalence was calculated (males 17.8%, females 18.7%). The prevalence increased with age in both sexes with a steeper increase in females. There was no difference in East and West German populations. There were substantial variations between the centers regarding the prevalence of deformities in females and males.