, Volume 13, Issue 3-4, pp 245-286

Inverse entailment and progol

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This paper firstly provides a re-appraisal of the development of techniques for inverting deduction, secondly introduces Mode-Directed Inverse Entailment (MDIE) as a generalisation and enhancement of previous approaches and thirdly describes an implementation of MDIE in the Progol system. Progol is implemented in C and available by anonymous ftp. The re-assessment of previous techniques in terms of inverse implication leads to new results for learning from positive data and inverting implication between pairs of clauses.

Stephen Muggleton, BSc, PhD., MA(Oxon): He is an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow at Oxford University Computing Laboratory. He was previously Fujitsu Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo and Director of Academic Research at the Turing Institute, Glasgow. He is author of “Inductive Acquisition of Expert Knowledge”, published by Addison-Wesley, and editor of “Inductive Logic Programming”, published by Academic Press and Machine Intelligence 13, published by Oxford University Press. He was chief designer of RuleMaster, which was used by BrainWare to build BMT, the world’s largest expert system. In 1990 he founded the field of Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) and has been Program Chair of three international workshops on this topic. He is Executive Editor of the Machine Intelligence Series, published by Oxford University Press, and lectures on ILP at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory. He is presently developing a computational learning model for ILP called Ulearnability. He has recently published results in the Proceedings of the Royal Society and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on successful applications of ILP to problems in Molecular Biology.