, Volume 1, Issue 4, pp 413-418

Sr isotope composition in barite and fluorite from vein mineralizations near Alcamo and Calatafimi (Sicily, Italy): relevance for the element source

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Fluorite and/or barite mineralizations occur as vein and cavity fillings within Mesozoic carbonate rocks ofTrapanese facies outcropping in northwestern Sicily. The Sr isotope compositions of barite, fluorite and host rocks have been determined. The87Sr/86 Sr ratios suggest that both fluorite and barite originated from an isotopically homogeneous mineralizing fluid. The strontium source does not seem entirely connected with the wall rocks.87Sr/86 Sr enriched lithotypes such as evaporites of the Gessoso-Solfifera formation and marls with sapropelic levels present in the study area could be invoked as the materials interacting with the mineralizing fluids.


Nelle rocce carbonatiche Mesozoiche dellafacies «Trapanese», affioranti nella Sicilia Nord-occidentale, sono presenti alcune mineralizzazioni a barite e fluorite. Sulla base dei rapporti isotopici dello stronzio misurati sia nei minerali suddetti che nelle rocce incassanti è possibile ricostruire un modello genetico di derivazione dello stronzio dai livelli sapropelitici presenti nella serie stratigrafica locale.