, Volume 50, Issue 2, pp 307-323

Stocks for detecting linkage in the mouse, and the theory of their design

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  1. The importance of mapping the chromosomes of the mouse is stressed, and the need for specially designed stocks for routine linkage testing is pointed out.

  2. The theory of planning linkage tests is outlined, and the new concept of ‘swept radius’ is introduced. This makes it possible (a) to decide, on the basis of efficiency, between a number of alternative procedures that present themselves in the planning of linkage tests; and (b) to design special linkage testing stocks.

  3. The composition of five specially designed linkage testing stocks is described. By the use of these stocks a gene can be tested against a little over half of the total genetic map, at the cost of raising about 500 test progeny, which is a considerable improvement over what is at present possible.

  4. An outline is given in Appendix I of the procedure to be adopted for the use of the stocks.

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