, Volume 50, Issue 2, pp 192-205

Two new mutants, ‘trembler’ and ‘reeler’, with neurological actions in the house mouse (Mus musculus L.)

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  1. Trembler (Tr) is a new dominant gene of the house mouse. It arose by spontaneous gonosomic mutation resulting in a mosaic gonad. It produces a spastic paralysis, more severe in the hind legs, and in the adult a generalized tremor that ceases when the animal is at rest. The young exhibit convulsions when stimulated. Viability is probably somewhat reduced, and this may have been the cause of a deficiency of Tremblers in the progeny of


The method used for the culturing ofCoprinus lagopus, and for the production of X-ray mutants, has been described.

The mating type exhibited by this group has been outlined and the independent inheritance of the mating type genes has been shown.

Four morphological mutants have been described, one of which is linked with one of the mating type genes.

The action of natural selection with regard to the binucleate condition of the secondary mycelium has been discussed.

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