, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp 120-126

Environmental risks of chemicals and genetically modified organisms: A comparison

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Risks can be characterised by several parameters. A risk is commonly defined to be the product of the extent of damage and the probability of its occurrence. But there are several other characteristics to be taken into account: degree of certainty in determining extent and probability, persistency, ubiquity, irreversibility, delay effect and mobilisation potential. As potential risks of genetically modified plants (GMPs), resistance to antibiotics, impact on non-target organisms, spread of genes and GMOs, and secondary consequences, e.g. on cultivation practice, are discussed in detail. Risks of GMPs are, in general, characterised by high uncertainly of the magnitude and probability of damage, a high mobilisation potential and a delay effect.

Part II: Sustainabillty and Precaution in Risk assessment and Risk management [DOl: http://dx.doi.Org/10.1065/espr2000 12.044]
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