, Volume 34, Issue 3, pp 243-251

PCR-RFLP identification ofBemisia tabaci biotypes in the Mediterranean Basin

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At least 20 genetic biotypes, with varying degrees of biological characterization, are currently recognized within theBemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) species complex. Their identification relies on a set of different molecular techniques. However, none of the available markers is completely adequate, due to technical difficulties or lack of reproducibility. We therefore developed a method for rapid biotyping ofB. tabaci populations. The five biotypes (B, Q, M, S and T) reported until now in the Mediterranean Basin have been tested by PCR amplification of the cytochrome oxidase I mitochondrial gene followed by restriction with the enzymeTru9I. The digestion patterns produced by this enzyme were able to identify the five biotypes clearly. Digestion with another enzyme,TaqI, discriminated only between biotypes B and Q. The newly developed method enables rapid biotyping and can be applied in studies aimed at assessing biotype distribution and competition at least in the Mediterranean area.

http://www.phytoparasitica.org May 14, 2006.