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, Volume 22, Issue 3, pp 189-196

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Effect of endotoxic compounds isolated fromVerticillium lecanii on the sweetpotato whitefly,Bemisia tabaci

  • Galina GindinAffiliated withDept. of Plant Pathology, ARO, The Volcani Center
  • , I. BarashAffiliated withDept. of Plant Pathology, ARO, The Volcani CenterDept. of Botany, Tel-Aviv University
  • , Nurit HarariAffiliated withDept. of Botany, Tel-Aviv University
  • , B. RaccahAffiliated withDept. of Virology, ARO, The Volcani Center

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Toxic products extracted by methanol from intact mycelia ofVerticillium lecanii were tested for their toxicity to eggs, larvae, pupae and adults ofBemisia tabaci and additional insects. All stages ofB. tabaci were sensitive to the toxin, with larvae showing the highest, and adults the lowest, sensitivity. Using a 0.5% crude toxin preparation, the mortality rate ofB. tabaci was 88%, 53.5%, 53.2% and 37% for larvae, eggs, pupae and adults, respectively. High sensitivity of adults, which was characterized by rapid paralysis followed by death, was observed inB. tabaci, Myzus persicae, Aphis gossypii, Acyrthosiphon pisum andFrankliniella occidentalis. Other insects,viz., Heliothis peltigera, Maladera matrida, Carpophilus hemipterus andCeratitis capitata, exhibited significantly lower sensitivity. The toxin was partially purified by differential extraction with organic solvents and on silica gel H and Sephadex LH 20 columns. Based on the toxin inactivation by saponification and its mobility in a polar solvent on thin layer chromatography, it is suggested that the toxic products might be phospholipids.

Key words

Verticillium lecanii Bemisia tabaci toxins entomopathogenic fungi